Fresh Bratwurst

Not Smoked

Fresh Bratwurst

 Fresh Original Bratwurst
  UPC 0-88919-81407-9   Wt: 20oz 12/case

 Fresh Bratwurst w.Cheddar & Jalapeno
  UPC 0-88919-81409-3   Wt: 20oz 12/case

 Fresh Teriyaki Bratwurst w.Pinapple
  UPC 0-88919-81410-9   Wt: 20oz 12/case

 Fresh Chorizo Sausage
  UPC 0-88919-81411-6   Wt: 20oz 12/case

 Fresh Mild Italian Sausage
  UPC 0-88919-81406-2  Wt: 20oz 12/case

 Fresh Italian w.Provolone & Parmesan
  UPC 0-88919-81408-6   Wt: 20oz 12/case

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Div. Inorex Inc
23636 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031

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